How it works

1. Do you have flies bugging you

Place the trap away (not closer than 5 meters ) from the affected area and add bait.
Add luke warm water (if water is milky allow to stand for 24 hours before use)
Watch the flies leave the affected area and enter the fly catcher. New flies go directly to the trap.
Exceedingly effective. Ideal for smallholdings, poultry farms, dairies, domestic areas, homes – or anywhere plagued by flies every summer. Low cost, easy to use, disposable, can catch up to 20, 000 flies and once trapped they can’t escape. Bait is especially appealing to female flies, breaking down the breeding cycle – so reducing the next generation. Simply hang the fly trap away from the areas you wish to protect. Bait lasts up to 6 – 8 weeks

There are five main components that make up the Redtop Flycatcher:

  • A turret through which the flies enter to get into the trap.

  • A cover dish which is the ‘chassis’ of the trap.

  • A mesh cone which stops the flies from escaping once inside.

  • A bag which contains the bait and the trapped flies.

  • A powdered bait which is mixed with water within the trap. 
    A sachet of bait lasts from six to eight weeks before replacement is necessary.

The bait contains no poisons or harmful chemicals.